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[Livraison gratuite] OBDSTAR H100 Ford/Mazda Auto Key Programmer Support 2017/2018 Models like F150/F250/F350

OBDSTAR H100 Mazda/Ford Auto Key Programmer Supports 2017/2018 Models
OBDSTAR H100 Features:
Support the latest Ford and Mazda, such as Edge 2016+, F150, Mondeo 2015+, Mustang 2015+
Be available to auto key programming and cluster calibrate via OBD
Update via a TF card at any time
Adopt updated hardware and appearance design
OBDSTAR H100 Hardware Parameters:
Dimension: 156mm(L)*86mm(W)*28mm(H)
CPU: Cortex M3
Power Supply: DC12V
Operation Power: DC12V
Operation Temperature: -20-60℃
Display Screen: 320X240 TFT
Comparision between F100 and H100:
1. H100 use new hardware chip, which have better performance than F100
2. H100 support car models till 2017/2018. Most important is H100 added follow car models:
Pincode Free Matching
for New Mondeo/Edge/Taurus/Mustang/F150 2015- Models
Edge 2016+
F150 2015
Galaxy 2015+
Mondeo 2015+
Mustang 2015+
Ranger 2016+

Ford Mileage List

Crown Victoria
Type 1
Type 2
Small color meter
Big color meter
Type 1
Type 2
Five Hundred(500)
2009-(Multifunctional screen)
Color meter
Monochrome meter
Merc Mariner
Monochrome screen meter
2 pointer color meter
Monochrome screen meter
4 pointer color meter
New Mondeo
Small color meter
Big color meter
Monochrome screen meter
Monochrome screen meter
4 pointer color meter
Town car
2015-(Big color meter)
2015-(Big color meter)
2015-(Big color meter)
2015-(Big color meter)

Mazda IMMO Function List 

Mazda B Series
2007 –
Mazda 121
2012 –
Mazda 2
Type 1
With smart
Without smart
Type 2(2014-)
With smart
Mazda 3
Type 1
Type 2
Type 3(Axela)(2013-)
With smart
Type 4(Axela)(2017)
With smart
Mazda 5
Type 1
Type 2
Mazda 6
Type 1
With smart
Without smart
Type 2(New Mazda 6)
With smart
Without smart
Type 3(Atenza)(2013-)
With smart
Type 4(Atenza)(2018-)
With smart
Mazda 8
With smart
Without smart
Mazda CX-3
With smart
Mazda CX-4
Type 1(2013-)
With smart
Type 2(2018-)
With smart
Mazda CX-5
With smart
Mazda CX-7
With smart
Without smart
Mazda CX-9
With smart
Without smart
2004 – 2009
2009 –
With smart
Without smart
With smart
Mazda MX-5
2004 – 2009
2009 – 2015
Mazda MX-5 MIATA
2005 – 2013
Mazda Premacy
With smart
Mazda RX-8
2004 – 2009
With smart
Without smart
Mazda Tribute
Without smart

OBDSTAR Series Upgrade Announcement of September

OBDSTAR Series Upgrade Announcement of September

New Adding:

VW new body system settings function.
Key Renew Software (only for X300 DP/Key Master DP)
MG Diagnosis: (only for X300 DP/Key Master DP)
MG3/ MG3 Zero/ MG3 Zero (2013)
MG5/ MG6/MG6 (2013)/ MG6 (2014)
MG7 (2008)/ MG7 (2009)/ MG7-L/ MG GT (1.4T)
MG GT (1.5VCT / 1.5T)/ MG GS/ MG3 EU/ MG6 EU
MG6 EU DIESEL/ MG6 EU (2014)/ MG3 TT/ MG5/ MG6 TT/ MG6 TT (2015)
SPRINTER Diagnosis: (only for X300 DP/Key Master DP)
Sprinter, Vaneo, Vario, Vito/ Viano/ V class models.
Chrysler Diagnosis: (only for X300 DP/Key Master DP).
Hantone IMMO: X7 smart key system read key learning status, key matching, clear key function support.
Suspension Match Add the following models:
Changan Ford; Shanghai GM; Cadillac, BMW; Chrysler; Ford; GM; Chevrolet; GMC; Horton.
Ferrari CALIFORNIA, 458ITALIA models add odometer reset function support.

Ma Hengda added key matching function.
Chrysler 2015 – Free Cheer optimized IMMO Password Reading function.
VW Audi 4 generation A4 RB8 (2004-) added IMMO key matching function (support all lost).
GM optimized IMMO English menu (Camaro -> Corvette).
VW Audi A4 RB4 added IMMO key matching function (support all lost).
Mazda IMMO:

1. Increase Mazda CX-7 (2004-2009) non smart  password-free
2. Increase Mazda DEMIO 2014 –  Smart Key System
Optimize Chrysler 300/300C 2006-2007
(IM_CHRYSLER_07->IM_300C, Increase Security Algorithm 7F 37 Judgment)
Zhengzhou Nissan IMMO increase SUCCE 2.0 password read.
Dongfeng Fxauto IMMO increase X5 corresponding function.
Zhongtai IMMO Increase:

1. SR9 smart key system.
2. Z700 smart key system, body remote control system.
VW IMMO increase 48 chip unlock function.

TATA IMMO increase the reminder ‘Please ensure that the vehicle battery voltage is not less than 11.5V’
Brilliance China IMMO increase H3 models PEPS system and IMMO system functions.
Mustang Increase Mustang T70 PEPS system, smart key matching, EMS matching, ESCL matching, PEPS matching, EMS Reset, PEPS Reset.
Mustang increase Mustang T70 body system, remote control matching, read the quantity of remote control.
MG Increase:

1. GS 2017 non-smart, increase the key, clear the key, read the quantity of keys.
2. TF remote control matching: remote control increase, remote control clear, emergency password reading, read vehicle identification code.
Honda Optimized Smart Key System Type.
Yusheng increase (manual block) IMMO system: replace the IMMO device, replace the ECM, while replacing the ECM and IMMO device, replace the key, reset the ECM, reset the IMMO device function support.
YuSheng increase (automatic) S330 smart key system: key learning, key removal function support.
Jeep BJ20 added smart key system and IMMO system function support.
Citroen DS6 added smart key system and IMMO system.
Chrysler 200 2015 – added Smart Key System.
Dodge VIPER 2013 – added Smart Key System.
Dodge RAM TRUCK 2013 – added Smart Key System.
Mercedes-Benz 163-ML-level added remote control matching, ECU reset function.
Odometer Reset:

Optimize the safe login of the Mousse models.
HYUNDAI increase I20 Elite (Elantra) odometer reset function support.
Special Function:
Optimize the PIC / FREESCALE adapter flow.
Added Tire Pressure Detection function: (only for TP50)
1. FAW car system activation function;
2. Auspicious car activation function;
3. Jianghuai car activation function.
Battery Detection Function Added: (only for MT301)
1. Voltage detection.
2. Resistance detection.
3. Start the system and the charge system test.
Key Renew function optimization program (precise control of the progress bar) / / modify the multi-language cfg. (Only for X300 DP/Key Master DP).
CVT learning value initialization function added the gear box matching:
1. Great Wall: COWRY、Great Wall V80; Great Wall H6(2012); Great Wall H6(2013);FLORID;COOL BEAR、Great Wall M2;VOLEEX、Great Wall C20R; Great Wall C30; Great Wall H5; Great Wall C50(2012); HAVAL H8
2. FORD/Changan Ford: 2015+ KA; B-Max(FORD MAX); EcoSport; Fiesta; Fiesta MY2013; FIGO; Focus; Fusion; Zephyr/MKZ
3. GM
(1) BUICK: Allure; Envision; LaCrosse
(2) CADILLAC: ATS; CTS; Escalade ESV; SRX; XT5
(3) CHEVROLET: Camaro; Malibu; Sail
(4) GMC: Sierra; Terrain
(5) HOLDEN: Caprice; Commodore
4. BYD: G3; F6; L3; G6; Si Rui; S7
5. CHERY: COWIN 5/EASTAR (B11); TIGGO 3(T11/T11FL); COWIN 3/A5(A21FL/A21);
    A3 Sedan (M11); A3 Hatchback (M12); E5(A21FL-C); ARRIZO 7(M16); TIGGO 5(T21);
    ARRIZO M7(B14FL); QQ3(S11); QQ6/ COWIN 1(S21FL/S21); A1(S12); QQme(S16)
6. Geely Automobile: EC718; EC715.

NEW ARRIVAL OBDSTAR RT100 Remote Tester Frequency/Infrared IR

OBDSTAR RT100 Remote Tester Frequency/Infrared IR 
OBDSTAR RT 100 Remote Tester Frequency Infrared (IR) can detect frequency of car remote control as well as the infrared is working or not, which helps a lot in key programming and car maintenance.
Product describtion:
OBDSTAR RT100 Features:
1. Portable Design
2. Easy Operation
3. Screen Display
4. Reliable Data
Frequency Test Range:
Way to Test Frequency:
 1. Power on the device RT100
 2. Put the remote control close to the device
 3. Press any button on the remote control
 4. The lit indicator shows the frequency
 Way to Test Infrared Working or not
 The infrared works well if the indicator lits up after pressing the key button,otherwise,it is in malfunction
Package includes:
1pc x OBDSTAR Remote Tester Frequency/Infrared IR RT100
If you have interest,please enter this link:

OBDSTAR Series Upgrade Announcement on 15th March

OBDSTAR Series Upgrade Announcement on 15th March

Adding IMMO programming:
1) Adding southeast DX7 password programming;
2) Adding Roewe RX5 mechanical key pincode free programming;
3) Adding Great Wall C30 remote control programming;
4) Adding Luxgen pincode to read;
5) Adding Baic magic speed H6 IMMO remote control programming;
6) Adding Baic magic speed S2 / S3 IMMO remote control programming;
7) Adding Baic magic speed S3L IMMO remote control programming;
8) Adding Chrysler free light IMMO programming and pincode reading;
9) Adding Toyota IMMO remote control programming;
Steering angle reset
Passenger cars:
10) Adding Benz 169-A series (before 2005.11) steering angle reset learning;
11) Adding Benz 169-A series (2005.12 later) steering angle reset learning;
12) Adding Benz 245-B series (before 2005.11) steering angle reset learning;
13) Adding Benz 245-B series (2005.12 later) steering angle reset learning;
14) Adding Benz 203-C series (before 2003.08) steering angle reset learning;
15) Adding Benz 203-C series (2003.09 later) steering angle reset learning;
16) Adding Benz 204-C series steering angle reset learning;
17) Adding Benz 215-CL series (before 2002.08) steering angle reset learning;
18) Adding Benz 215-CL series (after 2002.09) steering angle reset learning;
19) Adding Benz 216-CL series steering angle reset learning;
20) Adding Benz 203-CLC series (after 2008.01) steering angle reset learning;
21) Adding Benz 209-CLK series (before 2004.03) steering angle reset learning;
22) Adding Benz 209-CLK series (after 2004.04) steering angle reset learning;
23) Adding Benz 219-CLS series (before 2005.05) steering angle reset learning;
24) Adding Benz 219-CLS series (2005.06-2006.05) steering angle reset learning;
25) Adding Benz 219-CLS series (after 2006.06) steering angle reset learning;
26) Adding Benz 211-E series (before 2005.05) steering angle reset learning;
27) Adding Benz 211-E series (2005.06-2006.05) steering angle reset learning;
28) Adding Benz 211-E series (after 2006.06) steering angle reset learning;
29) Adding Benz 463-G series (16-pin diagnostic seat) (before 2004.03) steering angle reset learning;
30) Adding Benz 463-G series (16-pin diagnostic seat) (2004.04-2006.08) steering angle reset learning;
31) Adding Benz 463-G series (16-pin diagnostic seat) (2006.09-2007.02) steering angle reset learning;
32) Adding Benz 463-G series (16-pin diagnostic seat) (after 2007.03) steering angle reset learning;
33) Adding the Mercedes X164-GL series steering angle reset learning;
34) Adding Benz X204-GLK series steering angle reset learning;
35) Adding Benz 163-ML series steering angle reset learning;
36) Adding Benz 164-ML series steering angle reset learning;
37) Adding Benz 251-R series steering angle reset learning;
38) Adding Benz 220-S series (before 2002.08) steering angle reset learning;
39) Adding Benz 220-S series (after 2002.09) steering angle reset learning;
40) Adding Benz 221-S series (before 2009.06) steering angle reset learning;
41) Adding Benz 221-S series (2009.07 later) steering angle reset learning;
42) Adding Benz 230-SL series (before 2003.08) steering angle reset learning;
43) Adding Benz 230-SL series (2003.09-2008.02) steering angle reset learning;
44) Adding Benz 230-SL series (after 2008.03) steering angle reset learning;
45) Adding Benz 170-SLK series (16-pin diagnostic seat) steering angle reset learning;
46) Adding Benz 171-SLK series (2005.05 before) steering angle reset learning;
47) Adding Benz 171-SLK series (after 2005.06) steering angle reset learning;
48) Adding Benz 199-SLR series steering angle reset learning;
49) Adding Benz 240-Maybach steering angle reset learning;
Commercial vehicles:
50) Adding Benz VITO / VIANO 639 steering angle reset learning;
51) Adding Benz VANEO 414 steering angle reset learning;
52) Adding Benz SPRINTER II 90X.6 steering angle reset learning;
53) Adding Volvo C30 steering angle reset learning;
54) Adding Volvo C70 Conv steering angle reset learning;
55) Adding Volvo S40 steering angle reset learning;
56) Adding Volvo S60 steering angle reset learning;
57) Adding Volvo S80 (07-) steering angle reset learning;
58) Adding Volvo V40 steering angle reset learning;
59) Adding Volvo V50 steering angle reset learning;
60) Adding Volvo V60 steering angle reset learning;
61) Adding Volvo V70 steering angle reset learning;
62) Adding Volvo V70XC steering angle reset learning;
63) Adding Volvo XC60 steering angle reset learning;
64) Adding Volvo XC70 steering angle reset learning;
65) Adding Volvo XC90 steering angle reset learning;
66) Adding Volvo XC90 GGD steering angle reset learning;
67) Adding Buick Hideo steering angle reset learning;
68) Adding Buick GL8 Deluxe Edition steering angle reset learning;
69) Adding Buick Regal turn to the corner to reset the learning;
70) Adding Buick LaCrosse turn to the corner of the learning;
71) Adding Buick Angola steering angle reduction learning;
72) Adding Buick Angkor turn angle reset learning;
73) Adding Buick Allure turn angle reset learning;
74) Adding Cadillac ATS steering angle reset learning;
75) Adding Cadillac SRX steering angle reset learning;
76) Adding Cadillac XTS steering angle reset learning;
77) Adding Cadillac CTS steering angle reduction learning;
78) Adding Cadillac ELR steering angle reset learning;
79) Adding Cadillac climbers ESV steering angle reset learning;
80) Adding Chevrolet Aveo steering angle reset learning;
81) Adding Chevrolet Trax steering angle reset learning;
82) Adding Chevrolet Camaro steering angle reset learning;
83) Adding Chevrolet Cruze steering angle reset learning;
84) Adding Chevrolet Malibu steering angle reset learning;
85) Adding Chevrolet Volt steering angle reset learning;
86) Adding Chevrolet SPARK steering angle reset learning;
87) Adding Chevrolet Captiva steering angle reset learning;
88) Adding Lancia DELTA (181) steering angle reset learning;
89) Adding Lancia LYBRA (Lee Bolang) steering angle reset learning;
90) Adding Lancia MUSA steering angle reset learning;
91) Adding Lancia PHEDRA steering angle reset learning;
92) Adding Lancia PHEDRA (180) steering angle reset learning;
93) Adding Lancia THESIS steering angle reduction learning;
94) Adding Lancia YPSILON (101) steering angle reset learning;
95) Adding Lancia YPSILON (402) steering angle reset learning;
96) Adding Romeo 147 steering angle reset learning;
97) Adding Romeo 156 MY steering angle reset learning;
98) Adding Romeo 159 steering angle reset learning;
99) Adding Romeo 166 steering angle reset learning;
100) Adding Romeo BRERA steering angle reset learning;
101) Adding Romeo GIULIETTA (191) steering angle reset learning;
102) Adding Romeo GT steering angle reset learning;
103) Adding Romeo MITO steering angle reset learning;
104) Adding Geely GX7 steering angle reset learning;
105) Adding Geely GX9 steering angle reset learning;
106) Adding Geely NL4 steering angle reset learning;
107) Adding Geely SX7 steering angle reset learning;
108) Adding JAC S3 CTV models steering angle reset learning;
109) Adding JAC A30 steering angle reset learning;
110) Adding Jaguar F-TYPE steering angle reset learning;
111) Adding Jaguar XF steering angle reset learning;
Land Rover
112) Adding Discovery Discovery steering angle reset learning;
113) Adding Range Rover steering angle reset learning;
114) Adding Range Rover Sport Edition steering angle reset learning;
115) Adding Evoque steering angle reset learning;
116) Adding Freelander steering angle reset learning;
117) Adding Dongfeng Nissan steering angle reset learning;
118) Adding Great Wall C20R steering angle reset learning;
RESETDPF function:
119) Adding Acura RESETDPF function;
120) Adding Audi RESETDPF function;
121) Adding BMW RESETDPF function;
122) Adding Chrysler RESETDPF function;
123) Adding Citroen RESETDPF function;
124) Adding Daewoo RESETDPF function;
125) Adding Fiat RESETDPF function;
126) Adding GM RESETDPF function;
127) Adding Honda RESETDPF function;
128) Adding HYUNDAI RESETDPF function;
129) Adding Nissan RESETDPF function;
130) Adding Infiniti RESETDPF function;
131) Adding Jaguar RESETDPF function;
132) Adding KIA RESETDPF function;
133) Adding Lancia RESETDPF function;
134) Adding Land Rover RESETDPF function;
135) Adding Toyota RESETDPF function;
136) Adding Scion RESETDPF function;
137) Adding Lexus RESETDPF function;
138) Adding Maserati RESETDPF function;
139) Adding Mazda RESETDPF function;
140) Adding Benz RESETDPF function;
141) Adding Mitsubishi RESETDPF function;
142) Adding MINI RESETDPF function;
143) Adding Opel RESETDPF function;
144) Adding Peugeot RESETDPF function;
145) Adding Porsche RESETDPF function;
146) Adding Romeo RESETDPF function;
147) Adding Seattle RESETDPF function;
148) Adding Skoda RESETDPF function;
149) Adding Subaru RESETDPF function;
150) Adding Vauxhall RESETDPF function;
151) Adding Volvo RESETDPF function;
152) Adding VW RESETDPF function;
Mileage adjustment:

153) Adding Geely Dili GL mileage adjustment system;
Optimal correction:

154) Optimized GM mileage adjustment system;
155) Optimized Chrysler, Toyota, Luxgen, GM, Baic and other models of IMMO remote control programming;

OBDSTAR DP PAD Tablet IMMO ODO EEPROM PIC OBDII Tool pour Japanese and South Korean vehicles

OBDSTAR DP PAD Tablet IMMO ODO EEPROM PIC OBDII Tool for Japanese and South Korean vehicles

DP PAD Function:

Immobilizer+ odometer adjustment+ EEPROM/PIC adapter+ OBDII+ ABS+ TPS+ SRS reset+ TPMS(low tire)reset+ Steering angle
reset+ CVT learning/Value reset+ EPB+ Oil/service reset+ Battery matching+ Diagnosis(Japanese and Korean serials)

OBDSTAR DP PAD Vehicle Coverage


Software update

One key upgrade: Free update for one year

Language: English

Concentration makes professional!
Japanese and Korean vehicles are distributed widely and receive good reputation all over the world. Therefore, DP PAD is created in response to the proper and conditions. It is a convenient device, combining Android system,immobilizer, diagnose and special function, which closely follows the global trend and greatly meets the demand of users. In addition, abundant and powerful maintenance database and car testing video have realized easier operation and real success. Furthermore, Remote guide strengthens the communication between end users and technicians, without worries about after -sell service.

Android system is equipped with clear and user-friendly interface.
Diagnostic function strengthens professionalism in auto key programming.
Large amount of videos help users to operate it easily.
Maintenance database offers more powerful data.
Remote guide achieves zero distance between users and technicians.
Report center helps mutual improvement of terminal experience and technology.
One key upgrade realizes with one click.
Industrial design ensures that the tool works stably under tough environment, such as high or low temperatures.


Read and clear fault codes;
Clear key memory;
Program keys, proximity keys, smart key, flip keys;
Program after-market and OEM keys;
Display live data;
Component actuation;
Read keys from immobilizer memory
New ECU programming;
New mechanical key number programming;
Vehicle identification key programming;
Reset ECU& Reset immobilizer;
New remote controller programming;
Immo PINCODE reader;
Mileage adjustment via OBD;
With full and strong database for the most important vehicle makes;
VCI diagnose
One key upgrade via wifi
Remote assistance
Report center
EEPROM chip read and immobilizer initialization;
EPB(Electric park brake);
Oil/Service reset;
Battery matching;
SRS reset
TPMS(low tire)reset
Steering angle reset
CVT learning/Value reset
EEPROM/PIC adapter

Package Includes

1pc x DP PAD tablet computer
1pc x 5V DC adapter power
1pc x 12V DV adapter power
1pc x Adapter
1pc x Adapter board
1pc x USB cable
1pc x OBD15P main cable
1pc x Pin-adapter
1pc x HONDA-3
1pc x HYUNDAI/KIA-10
1pc x OBD II-16
1pc x KIA-20
1pc x Product Certification
1pc x User’s Manual

How OBDSTAR X300 DP do All Key Lost for Toyota with G via OBDII

How to do all key lost for Toyota with G? We can only program with adapter before,
but now we can directly program with”OBDSTAR X300 DP” via OBDII .
Here i will share the detailed procedure.

Device: X300 DP tablet key programmer full version


Master key and G key 


G Chip Key


Connect X300 DP with your vehicle through OBDII port

Click” Diag Program” on the main menu

Select”Type 2(with G72)


Select”Remote immobilizer(All key lost)


Then switch ignition off

Click”OK” to continue


Switch iginition on

Click “OK” to continue


X300 DP will prompt you to switch iginition off and remove the key

After doing that,click OK


It is configuring the system,wait for a while


Then insert the removed key and switch ignition on


It is configuring the sytem,wait….

Switch ignition off and reomve the key again

Then you should program keys as the following steps within 120 seconds


Here we program 1 master key and 1 usb key

Click”OK” to begin program keys

Step1: Insert the first master key,turn on the ignition and wait for 5 seconds

Step2: Insert the second sub key(the G chip key),turn on the ignition switch and wait for 5 seconds

Step3: turn on the ignition switch quickyly for 5 times,the security light will turn off,the programming is finished

Done! Program key for 2013 toyota RAV4 G successfully!


2017 Nouveau OBDSTAR TOYOTA Immo(G) Reset tool F101

OBDSTAR TOYOTA Immo(G) Reset tool F101


OBDSTAR F101 Features:

1. Support 4D(67,68) chip immobilizer reset(All keys lost).
2. Support 72 chip(WITH G,EUROPE) immobilizer reset(All keys lost).American TOYOTA with G key Reset will upgrade soon!
3. Support smart key reset before 2009(All keys lost).
4. Add/erase Keys for all of TOYOTA cars.
5. Add/erase smart keys for all of TOYOTA cars.
6. Add/erase remotes for most of TOYOTA cars.
7. No need to connect with computer, plug and play, automatic transfer.
8. No need to buy tokens.
9. One Key Upgrade
10. Have good man-machine interaction.

Software update

Via official website Free update for 1 year


Package Includes:

1pc x F101 main unit
1pc x TF Card