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Program Lamborghini LP560 LP550 Remote with Lonsdor K518

Guide to use Lonsdor K518 key programmer to program/add Lamborghini LP560 remote key by OBD. (same procedures are applied to LP550, LP570 Gallardo)
K518 English version-Lonsdor K518ISE is released. Will be available in the end of Oct.


OBD Location: Under the steering wheel


Vehicle model: LP550,LP560 LP570 Gallardo
Remote Key type:
Dashboard type:

Pin code: No need

Remote program: by Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer
Step 1: Program remote

Connect K518 host with vehicle

Turn on K518ISE

Select Immobilizer->Lamborghini->LP560

Turn ignition switch to ON position

Turn ignition OFF and then turn it ON

Configuring… please wait

Select a remote position to write key (4 position optional/available )


Press on the Unlock button of the remote key for 1s within 5s

No you can see remote position 1 has been programmed

Program remote success.

Step 2: Delete Remote

If 4 remote position are occupied, you can delete remote to program other remote again

Turn ignition switch to ON position

Turn ignition OFF and then turn it ON

Configuring… please wait
Position 1 and 2 has been programmed
Delete success.


Elsawin NOT displays Wiring Diagrams (solved)


Elsawin NO Wiring Diagrams: How to solve? Here are optional customer solutions.

Elsawin can not see wiring diagram pictures:
i installed last version of SVGView but still have the problem and i uninstalled and re install but the still the same issue
i did not got any errors while installing and did not have any errors when running.


When the wiring diagrams are not:
If you have properly installed SVGView
And we are working acrobat
The failure is Internet Explorer

Solution 1:
The solution is easy:
Open Internet Explorer-tools (Alt + X)-Internet Options-Advanced Options
And where it says “restableze values ​​Internet Explorer to its default state”
Click on the “reset”
Restart Internet and then open the Elsawin.

Solution 2:
1- go to ( C:\ElsaWin\bin ) elsawin.exe
2- in the properties menu select compatibility service pack 2

Note: ELSAWIN is offline, you do not connect to the server …..

Solution 3:

I have found new solution for wiring diagrams no display problem:
–>go to C:/ElsaWin/bin
–>find SVGView.exe
–>run – install

Start ElsaWin, login etc..
–> search for any car – wiring diagrams..
–> Adobe acrobat reader window opens – confirm.
–> and it is working.

Solution 4 & Solution 5:

Finally found 2 solutions:

EN version of file from Audi 06-2014!IEsFGY7K!MowbCRihlGeZRyWo3RGDu226jnTTAG8bcaHLg2FhbvA

The first solution:
You must first install Audi 06-2014 on Elsa v5.10 and after update to Elsa v5.20, install Audi 03-2015.
(It seems that Audi 01-2015 and 03-2015 is only update version of data, and doesn’t include all data for old audinas).

The second solution:
Second alternative is manually unpack and copy contents of files from Audi 06-2014: (for english version of data) (for czech version… and so on, for needed languages)

to directory: C:\ElsaWin\docs\slp\

Nice day.

Solution 6:

i already solved the problem
1- go to ( C:\ElsaWin\bin ) elsawin.exe
2- in the properties menu select compatibility
3- see attached pictuer
4- select ok



ICOM &WinKFP program/code BMW CIC to Exx cars


It’s an excellent write-up: Flash e-series CIC to v41 software, BMW Apps without FSC

This is for ECE/US CIC, not for Asian variants.

How to flash E-series CIC to V41 and get BMW Apps without FSC:

Prequisities: You must know how to use WinKFP. You also must have some knowledge about WinKFP expert mode. Interface must be ICOM A + B(or OP(P)S). No matter what you read from internet or hear from someone else, K+DCAN cable can not be used. Do not even try, it will fail for sure.Also your Ediabas must have all files for flashing modules. There is no need for WinKFP ecu-files. I recommend you to download (v41 or post) sp-daten and do “update sp-daten” with bmw coding tool.

Update must be done module by module. Correct order is 63, 62, A0. All modules can be flashed with MOST_ASYNC_ab625.

Download included package and extract it. CIC has three modules: 63, 62 and A0. 63 and A0 is the same for all chassis models so there is just one folder for each. 62 (gateway) has a different software for every chassis model so correct folder must be chosen. Chassis models are E60 (including E60, E61, E62, E63), E89 (including E8x and E9x) and E70 (including E70 and E71). Choose correct folder for 62.

Copy three folders (develop_63, develop_62_exx, develop_a0) to c:\ec-apps\nfs\data

There are three modules to flash. 63 is the first one. Go to c:\ec-apps\nfs\data and rename “develop_63” to “develop”.


-Configure ICOM for MOST_ASYNC_ab625
-Open WinKFP
-Select expert mode
-PABD = 08010408CI63F1.ipo (be carefully, do not choose CM63)
-P-SGBD = 33CI63F1_10.prg (be carefully, do not choose CM63)
-ECU-adress = 63
-Data = A9257174
-Program = 9257170
-NAAB = H020270_0202J5

WinKFP will complain about incorrect files and other things when you select the files, just ignore the complaints.

Now select done and you will get back to main menu. Now everything is ready for flash (also you have power supply connected, ignition on and cd/dvd removed from CIC). At this point you can turn on windows task manager (taskmgr.exe) because WinKFP progress meter will not work when flashing cic. Select “Program NAAB” and bootloader flash starts. CIC goes to bootloader mode and fan spins at full speed, this is normal. Screen shows bootloader picture or turns black, depending on old firmware version. Now you must be patient because the meter is not working. It will go to 100% and do all kind of things, just wait until “bootsector update finished” appears. Next select program program. Same precautions for this, it takes around 30 minutes to flash 63 program. After program programming has finished, select program data.


Now you have flashed 63. Next you must flash 62. Go to c:\ec-apps\nfs\data and delete develop folder. Then rename develop_62_exx to develop. Go back to list on 63: on this guide. Configure WinKFP just like on that list, except change three bolded 63’s to 62. Also select new data, program and NAAB files. If you did the folder swap (delete develop folder, rename develop_62_exx -> develop) correctly, there are just the correct files available. Select done and perform flash in the same order: NAAB, program, data. 62 is quite fast to flash, maybe five minutes for each part.


Now you know how to do this. Only difference is that A0 has only program, not data or NAAB. Delete old develop folder, rename develop_a0 to develop. Go again back to list on 63 on this guide, change three bolded 63’s to A0. On this module you can’t select data or NAAB, just select program and then select done. Choose program program. It takes around 30 minutes to program A0. After this, you have flashed your CIC to v41 and will get FSC-free BMW Apps.

After programming, code your CIC with NCS Expert.

I hope that this helps someone


Nouvelle calculatrice de code Pin de Arrivals pour Hyundai & Kia de 1996 à 20116

Calculateur de code PIN pour Hyundai & Kia de 1996 à 20116

Logiciel de calcul de code PIN Description:

Calcul du code PIN hors ligne des numéros VIN pour les voitures avant 06/2007
Code PIN et calcul du code de coupe clé en ligne à partir des numéros NIV pour les voitures du 01/2006 au 12/2016
Jusqu’à 5 codes par jour
Utilisation du dongle USB
Livré avec le compartiment NISSAN Glove Box gratuit en tant que calculateur de code PIN
Utilisation à vie
OS: Compatible avec WIN7, WIN8, WIN10.

Description du produit



Le forfait comprend:

1pc x Pin code calculateur pour Hyundai & Kia de 1996-2016

How to adds Toyota G Chip tokens to CN900 Mini key programmer

CN900 Mini key copy machine manual: how to add Toyota G chip tokens for auto key programming with CN900 Mini.

Site for mini cn900:
Site for CN900 mini G chip token service:
Site for G chip tokens recharge:

STEP 1. Login your member on the cn900 mini official website, click on ” Personal Center”.



STEP 2: In my account, please click ” My Device”.


STEP 3: Click “Bind the new device”


STEP 4: Fill out Equipment Model, serial number, purchasing date and remark


STEP 5: After you bind the cn900 mini key programmer, please back to the home page, select ”product list” and click on “Device activation”
STEP 6: click on “TOY-G Chip Recharge”,
open your shopping cart
select the purchase products
Check out
STEP 7: Fill out order information (Receiver address, payment way, express delivery are required)
NOTE: when you select the device, please choose the one which you binding, and fill out the check code. If you have no yet binding device, please click “Device Management”, and operate according to step 3 and Step 4.

LED BDM Frame With Adapters Works BDM Programmer CMD 100 Full Sets Fits For FGTECH BDM100 KESS KTAG K-TAG ECU Programmer Tool

LED BDM Frame With Adapters Works BDM Programmer CMD 100 Full Sets Fits For FGTECH BDM100 KESS KTAG K-TAG ECU Programmer Tool



No PCB in this package!LED works for 12V.Once you connect with probe,
then you disconnect 12V battery for LED,it will works.The probe pin is adjustable.
LED BDM Frame Descriptions:
1.It is Made by Acrylic board, With Mesh and 4 Probe Pens.
2. LED works for 12V. Once you connect with probe,then you disconnect 12V battery for LED,it will works.The probe pin is adjustable.
3.This LED BDM FRAME is best bracket For ECU Update/ECU Brush And Write/ECM Modified and programming/Probe holder/Dimsport aids.
5.It is easy to be used,much better than old bdm frame.
Please Note:No PCB Board in Package

 LED BDM Frame With 4 Probe Pens Full Set Kit Package includes:
1pc x Bdm frame with LED (Made by Acrylic board)
4pc x Connect cable for Probe
4pc x Probe

Firmware KTAG V7.020 Ksuite V2.23 ECU Programming Tool

Firmware KTAG V7.020 Ksuite V2.23 ECU Programming Tool Master Version
2017 Latest Firmware KTAG V7.020 Ksuite V2.23 ECU Programming Tool Master Version with Unlimited Token

Top 4 reasons to get KTAG V7.020:

1. With latest Firmware version: V7.020 Software Version: K-suite V2.23

2. 100+ ECU types added. Add ECU Type i.e: Toyota 76FXXX, PSA 17.4.4, Ford E83, VW 17.5.5 (1766), Mercedes-Benz 276ECU,Toyota 76F, and so on, at least 100 more ECU Types added.

3. No tokens limitation

4. Supports all functions of KTM100 KTAG V7.003

More Information via this link:


Scania SDP3 2.31 for VCI2 VCI3 Free on Mega

SDP3 download:

There are many Scania SDP3 download available on the web, but most are cannot be activated yourself; that is, SDP3 software download is free but you need to pay for SDP3 activation. And items personally released are usually are not tested and used without security. Here are SDP3 2.31 download free and SDP3 2.31 crack but tested for you.

Scania SDP3 2.31 download: (Win7 64 bit,WIN 10 32/64 bit)!DYExVD7Y!Z7vVu-KB6hwABJ8LOyYeyd4VyhuI7w6nAqsVDYUzbrw

Password: cimi

Scania SDP3 2.30 download free:!dcU3WLJL!iNjRAo_zKbkEoI0ArlBoXfcBvRvrLlKlB7IJnqN6SLo

No pass!


(Tested) Scania SDP3 2.31 crack:

Note 1: without USB dongles

Note 2: SDP3 2.31 activation help with professionals at

(Tested) SDP3 V2.31 operation system:

Windows 7 32 bit, Windows 8/8.1 32 bit, Windows 10 32 bit

(Tested) Scania diagnostic scanners:

Scania vci3 china

Scania vci2 clone

Note 3: Scania vci 3 vs. Scania vci 2

– Communication way
VCI2: USB only

– Workable vehicles
VCI2: can support vehicles after the year 1995:

Scania P, G, R, T, buses Scania series K, N, and other vehicles using engines Scania
VCI3: support vehicles after the year 2004:

trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles, which produces the corporation Scania

In short, Only hardware difference, they can use the same software
Scania vci 3 diagnostic tool highlights its high-speed WI-FI connection

Scania SDP3 2.31 car list:

P, G, R, and S series (2016-)

P, G, R and T series (2003-)

F, K and N series

as well as the following engines:



Scania SDP3 2.31 software release notes:


To be able to fully use the services in SDP3 you must have a Certificate for services installed in your computer. For more information about the certificate, see TIL > Scania Diagnos &Programmer > Other information > Certificate for services in SDP

Demo files recorded by an SDP3 version older than the one you are using have limited possibilities to show parameters.

General new features

System requirements

The document System requirements and recommendations for Scania Diagnos & Programmer, SDP3 has been updated with information on the following:

Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.2 must be installed.

There is no longer support for Windows 7 32 bit. For more information, see Ti 00-17 01 25.

Function view

By using the search box at the top of the window you can now search directly in the function view. You can choose to search in the Adjustment, Check or Calibration tab.


The flow for defect reports in SDP3 has been improved to make it simpler to follow.

Instead of a guide in several steps, there is now a simple dialogue box. In the dialogue box you can select if you want to save the defect report locally or if you want to send it via e-mail. To be able to send the defect report via e-mail you must have Microsoft Outlook. You can choose to create a defect report for a specific product individual or to make a general defect report.

The dialogue box for defect reports you find in the Help menu.

Note: As from SDP3 2.31, the dialogue box is no longer available for use if you are connected to a job type.

Communication troubleshooting

The document with instructions for communication errors has been updated. You access the document via the Help menu.

System specific news

CUI – Infotainment system

Support for resuming an interrupted download of software has been introduced.

COO – Coordinator

The new guide Verifying switch modules in the steering wheel checks that switch modules in the steering wheel correspond to the version according the vehicle’s SOPS file.

EMS – Engine Management System

Vehicles with the S8 engine control unit have previously lacked support for Default setting of power take-off adaptation. This has now been rectified.

The Spark check guide has been removed for vehicles of the P, G, R and S series with Euro 6 gas engine. As the support in SDP3 has been improved, the guide tool is no longer required. Instead, use the Electrical system view for troubleshooting.

RES – Rechargeable energy storage system

For the sake of clarity and uniformity, the term hybrid battery has been changed to propulsion battery in all instances in SDP

TMS – Transmission management system

• New parameters have be added to TMS2: o Clutch monitoring

o Downhill speed control with active prediction

Reduced use of the clutch (new values)

After a product update of the transmission management system, the Accelerometer adaptation guide must always be run. It now starts automatically after an update of the control unit.

GMS – Gearbox management system

A function guide which shows how the power is transferred in the gearbox for different gears in real time has been added. You can also see how the gear shift forks move and which sleeves are affected.

The guide applies to the following gearboxes:

o GRS905 o GRS905R o GRSO905 o GRSO905R o GRSO925 o GRSO925R o GRSO935 o GRSO936R

The guide also applies to the following transmission management systems:

o OPC4, o OPC5 o TMS1 o TMS2

CMS – Chassis management system

A guide for bleeding control circuit 2 has been implemented.

Circuits, I/Os and the functional description of differential locks has been improved.

TSS/TSA – Tag axle steering system

Function guides for activating and deactivating service mode have been implemented.

A function guide for checking EST and ESYA has been implemented.

A new parameter for the centring function has been implemented.

Scania diagnostic codes:

000 00 No Fault

01 001 less than the rated voltage – heater works

02 002 higher than the rated voltage – heater works

004 03 Short circuit fan (D2I)

005 05 Short-circuiting the wires from alarm (D2I)

009 09 Heater off system TRS (D2I / D9W)

010 0A higher than the nominal voltage (heater stopped)

011 0B voltage less than the nominal (heater stopped)

012 0C overheat – fuel pump is turned off

013 0D temperature sensor recorded a high temperature

014 0E big difference values of t. sensor. overheating sensor. regulation. t (D3W / D9W)

015 0F heater overheated many times – the heater is turned off (D2I / D9W)

017 11 Reusable overheating (t exceeds the second threshold) (D3W)

020 14 Candle / rod defective bulbs

021 15 Short candle / bar bulbs

022 16 Faulty relays candle / bar bulbs (D2W)

023 17 Internal defect relay control R2 candle / bar bulbs

024 18 Short-circuit switch controller candle / bar bulbs

025 19 Short-circuit diagnostic socket

029 1D fan air gap 5 does not operate R3

030 1E air fan does not work in all positions (R3-D3W)

031 1F air fan does not work in all positions (R3-D3W)

032 20 Air fan does not work in all positions (R3-D3W)

033 21 Air fan does not work in all positions (R4-D2I / D9W)

034 22 there is no contact with the solenoid valve of the cooling system. (D2W / D9W)

035 23 No contact with the relay average performance

036 24 Short-circuit relay average performance

037 25 Do not rotate water pump (D2W / D9W)

038 26 No contact with the fan relay cab heating (D2W / D9W)

039 27 Short cab heating fan relay (D2W / D9W)

040 28 Short circuit solenoid. valve cooling system. (D2W / D9W)

042 2A Short circuit water pump (D9W)

043 2B Short cable from the computer to the heater fuel pump (D9W)

047 2F Short circuit of the fuel pump

048 30 No contact with the fuel pump

050 32 Heater run many times but have not worked (relay R3)

051 33 Flames emerged immediately after pressing the start button heater

052 34 No start (restart purge)

053 35 Stop flame during startup

36 054 Stop flame position max. productivity

055 37 Stop the flame in a position average performance

056 38 Stop the flame in the position of poor performance

057 39 Flame sensor short circuit (photoresist)

058 3A heater is turned off, but the flame in the combustion chamber (D2W)

059 3B Water temperature rising too quickly (D9W)

060 3C No contact with the sensor temperature control

061 3D sensor short circuit temperature control

062 3E No contact with the potentiometer (D2H / D2I)

3F 063 Short potentiometer (D2H / D2I)

064 40 No contact with flame sensor

065 41 Flame sensor short circuit

071 47 No contact with the sensor overheating (D3W / D9W)

072 48 Short-circuit overheating sensor (D3W / D9W)

073 49 Overheating sensor recorded the fastest increase in temperature (D9W)

090 5A Spontaneous error

091 5B high surge (high-voltage wires, CB-radio, etc.)

092 5C Faulty heater control unit – fault ROM

093 5D Faulty heater control unit – faulty RAM

094 5E Faulty heater control unit – fault EEPROM

096 60 Temperature sensor faulty heater ECU (D2I)

097 61 Faulty heater ECU (D2I / D2W / D9W)

255 FF cleared but faulty memory EEPROM

Top 5 Hyundai Kia OBD2 Scanner for Serious Diagnosis

Hyundai and Kia dealer level diagnostic scan tool reviews and recommendations.

If you are serious about diagnosing your Hyundai and Kia car problems you need to get an advanced OBD2 scanner. In this article, you will learn how to choose the best OBD2 scanner for Hyundai.

An advanced OBD2 scanner can diagnose the check engine light and anything related to the Engine Control Unit but it can also read, clear and reset fault codes from systems such as:

Airbag / SRS – Can help you figure out why the airbag light is on.
Transmission – Troubleshoot Hyundai transmission problems and clear codes.
Electronic Stability Control – Find out why the traction control light or ABS light are illuminated.
Reset TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system)

The scanners listed here do just that and provide similar or close functionality to dealer level scanners yet don’t cost as much and are reasonably priced for most DIYers.

Note: If all you need is to check and clear codes related to the Check Engine Light (Service Engine Soon), you can get a simple $20 OBD-II code reader. See here Cheap OBD2 Code Reader .

Note that the scanners listed here work in both Hyundai and Kia. Even though Kia is a different brand its parent company is Hyundai Motor Group and they both share the same software.

Before we look at some of the best OBD2 diagnostic scanners for Hyundai and Kia, you need to understand what scanner Hyundai dealers use.



The Hi-Scan Pro was the factory scanner for Hyundai vehicles in the past, currently, G.I.T is the OEM manufacturer of the scan tool called Global Diagnostic System (GDS) which is used at Hyundai and Kia dealers.

Hyundai GDS diagnostic scanner will give you full control of the systems on your Hyundai / Kia. With the GDS you are able to diagnose and reprogram control units. The original GDS scanner can get very expensive for Hyundai/Kia owners.

The Hyundai GDS costs thousands of dollars and requires yearly updates which for Hyundai owner’s doesn’t make sense unless you are an auto repair shop who specializes on Hyundai and Kia. Based on capabilities of the Hyundai GDS scanner below we have listed several OBD2 scanners that provide most of the functions of the GDS but only cost between $150-$500. We have provided links to online retailer sites where we found the lowest price on any of these scanners.

Wondering what’s the best obd2 scanner for Hyundai cars? Let us look the Top alternatives to Hyundai GDS


5. G-scan Scanner for Hyundai Kia


G.I.T. who makes the OEM diagnostic scanner for Hyundai and Kia dealers makes a second scanner called G-Scan (seconds generation G-scan2) with similar capabilities to the Hyundai GDS scanner but can be used by auto repair shops. The G-scan tool provides dealer lever control and functionality and is able to access all the systems on your Hyundai vehicles. The main difference between Hyundai G-Scan tool and Hyundai GDS is that the G-Scan can not access the Hyundai dealer network and it can not do reflashing. The G-scan is much cheaper than the Hyundai GDS scanner but it is still expensive for Hyundai and Kia owners. There are other OBD2 scanners that provide in-depth diagnostic that still cost less than Hyundai G-Scan tool.

4. Hyundai Kia GDS VCI Diagnostic System


The Global Diagnostic System (GDS) is the OEM diagnostic tool for Hyundai. GDS VCI with Trigger Module is an advanced service system that provides comprehensive coverage for all Hyundai vehicles including all Hybrid cars. GDS provides complete diagnostics, analysis and reprogramming capabilities as well as a huge library of technical, service and repair information.

GDS VCI Scan Tool for KIA Hyundai Features:

1) Completely Integrated Diagnostic System with User Specific information & settings
2) Complete Technical Service Information
3) Comprehensive & Customized Diagnostic Solution
4) Guided Troubleshooting Procedures
5) Mobile Data-recording Function
6) Real-time Software Management

Trigger Module (Flight record)

Intensified recording function of vehicle conditions at idling or driving
Recorded data VCI can be reviewed and analyzed precisely and the terminal
Exact Analysis of data trend
Data storing in PC and sharing for remote control diagnosis and further diagnosis
Actuator Driving
Sample Operation and multi-record with large memory up to PC HD memory
Easy to use and fast procedure



This is an OBD2 scanner that is affordable for Hyundai owners and is able to scan the ABS, SRS/Airbag, Engine and Transmission on Hyundai and Kia cars, SUVs and VANs. As a Hyundai owner who needs to know why the transmission is not shifting or why the ABS or SRS lights are on, this is a great scanner. It is easy to use and it costs as much as one visit to the mechanic. The main advantage of the Launch Creader is that it can diagnose over 20 different car brands, not just Hyundai and Kia.


Works on most European, Asian and Domestic vehicles
Can troubleshoot Engine, Transmission, ABS, and SRS/Airbag
Can read and clear Engine DTC Code.
Live Data Stream
Oxygen Sensor Testing
Works on vehicles manufactured after 1996 until now.
Multi-Language Support


Creader VII+ Vehicle Coverage:

Asian: Suzuki, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, Infiniti, Lexus, Accura, Isuzu.

Domestic: Ford, GM, Chrysler.

European: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Volvo, Fiat, Landrover, Seat, Skoda, Audi, Porsche, Saab, Jaguar, VW.

2.  AUTEL MAXIDAS DS708/Autel DS808


The MaxiDAS DS708 provides in-depth troubleshooting and diagnostic similar to Hyundai GDS and G-Scan. It is able to access most of the systems on your Hyundai/Kia, not just the ABS, SRS, ECU and TCU. This is the best alternative to Hyundai GDS. The MaxiDAS is able to erase, clear, activate sensors, program and initialize control units. Even though it is a professional level diagnostic scanner it is relatively easy to use and much less expensive than Hyundai GDS. You see this scanner often used at independent auto repair shops. While it is one of the least expensive professional OBDII scan tools, it is on the expensive side for most Hyundai and Kia owners that do occasional repairs.


Extensive vehicle coverage for more than 50 Domestic, Asian and European vehicle makes
Dealer level capability including live data, ECU programming.
Key Coding functionality, Component Activation testing.
Sensor Initializations, ECU Adoption, Coding & Module Set Up functionality.



If you do your own Hyundai / Kia repairs and are looking for a scanner a cheap multi-system scanner that goes beyond the basic OBD2 troubleshooting this is a perfect choice. Not only is the Foxwell NT510 multi-system scanner affordable but it provides several capabilities that you only find on professional level diagnostic scanners. Besides being able to scan the ABS, SRS/Airbag, ECU and Transmission codes it offers several other features such as:

Reset the service oil reminder
TPMS programming
Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) calibration
Program and code control units.
Diagnose chassis, powertrain and body systems.
Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes. Reset CEL/MIL light.
Live sensors data streaming.
ABS/SRS/Airbag, ECU and Transmission Diagnostics
Note that the Foxwell NT510 comes loaded with the software for certain manufacturers in this case for Hyundai/Kia. While Foxwell scanners work on other makes you will need a scanner loaded with the correct software for that specific brand.



Which is the best OBD2 scanner for Hyundai and Kia? It really depends on your needs and budget. Choosing an OBD2 scanner that will allow you to perform advanced troubleshooting can be tricky. As we mentioned earlier, if your main goal is only to read and clear the Check Engine Light than all you need is a basic OBD2 code reader. If your goal is to perform in-depth troubleshooting these are your top choices.

Which is the best OBD2 scanner for Hyundai and Kia? It really depends on your needs and budget. Choosing an OBD2 scanner that will allow you to perform advanced troubleshooting can be tricky. As we mentioned earlier, if your main goal is only to read and clear the Check Engine Light than all you need is a basic OBD2 code reader. If your goal is to perform in-depth troubleshooting these are your top choices.

Best Overall OBD2 Scanner

If you are looking for a reasonably priced scanner that goes beyond the basic OBD-2 troubleshooting and works with all your car then Launch Creader CRP123 would be a good choice. You will be able to use it on multiple makes and models and will be able to scan the Engine, Transmission, SRS/Airbag and ABS systems.

Least Expensive Scanner for Hyundai/Kia

If you need an affordable Hyundai scanner that offers similar functions to Hyundai dealer tool then the Foxwell NT510 for Hyundai is the best choice. It won’t work on other brands since it will have the software just for Hyundai/Kia, but it can diagnose more problems than the Launch Creader.

Best Diagnostic Scanner for Hyundai mechanics

If money is not a concern or if you are an auto repair shop and need to have a true professional scanner the best choice is the Autel MaxiDAS DS808 . It provides similar troubleshooting capabilities to the dealer scanner. It works on over 20 car makes and is the least expensive scanner that provides such level of diagnostics.