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Foxwell NT644 Frequently Asked Questions

Foxwell NT644 Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is this scanner compatible with 2014 Isuzu mux lst diesel with 12V, Australian.
A: Sorry, engineer say this cannot do Isuzu diesel vehicle now.

I have a 2010 BMW 335d, 2003 Volvo S40, 2012 Volvo S60, 2004 BMW Z4 2.5L, 2004 Ford Ranger 4.0L and a 1998 Toyota Rav4.

I have to replace the battery on the BMW 335d so the ability to reset Battery configuration is a must have feature.

The 2003 Volvo S40’s Air Bag light is on, so Air Bag code reading/reset is also a plus feature.

I’d also like to be able to read/reset more than just the P codes. (multi-system diagnosis?)

ABS would also be nice to have.

And the ability to reset service reminders on the BMWs and Volvos.

I also understand that some of your scan tools allow for changing settings such as “close window from key fob”

I am more than just a backyard mechanic, but I’m not a professional mechanic.

I have looked at your NT510, NT644, NT1001 and NT4021 and am not sure exactly which one would best fit my shopping list.

A: for battery configuration can choose NT4021, for diagnose can choose AutoMaster NT644.
But not all your listed function those can do. For all the function, you are recommended to own GT80.
Question: I have been considering buying your NT510 for my BMWs. I would like to know witch Scanner you offer
that will do all that the  NT510 will do + do other makes as well?  Do you have a chart comparing the Models listed.


NT510 function is same like GT80Plus, most powerful one, it support few car models like 1. Chrysler/GM/Honda, Accura/Hyundai,Kia/Toyota,Lexus, Sicon/Land Rover, Jaguar/OPEL, Vauxhall/VW, AUDI, Seat, Skoda/BMW/Fiat
NT510 is one model for free and other models need purchase. If you specially do BMW,i recommend you choose NT510.
NT624 is full brand full system diagnose, but diagnose function not as powerful as NT510.
NT644 is NT624+Special function
NT414 is for All brand four system diagnose.

We have just been looking at your AutoMaster Pro NT644 diagnostic tool on a local tool van and thought we would contact you direct.
We are being told that we should buy direct from him as the ones sold on the internet are Chinese and if we apply updates this could turn the unit back to Chinese script.
Can I presume that buying direct from you, based in the UK, that this could not happen?
Can I also ask how much the updates may be after the initial 18 month period as we need to budget for this in the accounts.
Answer: You can directly buy from us, the update will not turn back to Chinese script. It is 18months free update online. After 18months we do not have price for update yet. Will check sot and inform you. Update cost: 100USD/year.

I recently bought your BMW scan tool from ECS Tuning not knowing that you have the NT644 that will service all cars.  I see your vendors selling the scanner online for $449.00, but your on-line price is higher.  As a repeat customer will you sell me the scanner for the lower price?
Answer: Yes, we can offer you a better price at 449USD free shipping by dhl.
I own a 2004 Chevy 2500HD 8.1L and a2006 VW Passat 2.0TI spoke to ECS Tuning and found out about you company!The NT500 would work for my VW but not as good on my Chevy so I would like to know if the NT644 would do everything the NT500 does to my VW plus more to benefit my Chevy or I need the NT500 and one that works well with the Chevy?What does the VW NT500 have that the NT644 doesn’t have?

Answer: nt644 cannot cover all function of NT500, there are two function NT644 not support: SAS and Bi-directional control tests
Engineer suggest you buy NT510, cause NT510 support VAG Group and GM Group, and it covers all function of NT500.
NT510 provide one software for free, another software need buy, additional software price is 60usd/each.

I’m interested in the above item. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, but one thing in not sure about, can it be used for bleeding the brakes and also for actuation of the abs pump.Also can it be used to code a new battery in the car?Would you recommend the nt510 or the nt644 for the BMW?
Answer: NT510 can do what you want it do.

Is this item (NT 644) the latest version? Would you be able to give me more specific details about the abs and airbag, for Australian ford and Toyota hybrid Camry? What is the latest year (the above vehicles mentioned) will this scanner be able to work properly?Do you deliver to Australia? If so, will the warranty apply in Australia?
Answer: Attach is function list for NT644,yes it can cover abs and airbag on Australian ford and Toyota hybrid Camry. The workable year is different from one model to other; it covers up to 2015 year. We ship to Australia with one year warranty.

I would like to purchase the NT644 but i wanted to figure out if its support this car:
the car is
Mitsubishi pajero 2008 7 seats, engine: diesel 3200 engine type: V98W
if it helps something this brand is called shogun/montero instead of pajero)

Does it support DPF regeneration for this car?
is there some doc/link that shows which function is supported per car?
Answer: Only NT644 Pro can support DPF regeneration.

Question: are all Foxwell scanners that use OBDII diagnostic cable use the same cable?  I have two models NT644 and NT414 and lost cable for of them. Do you sell the OBDII cables? Can you please send a link for the cables you offer.
Answer: Yes, it is same OBDII cable.

NT510 for BMW Frequently Asked Questions

NT510 for BMW Frequently Asked Questions

Can Foxwell NT510 find BMW 90 bad cylinder so I replace one?

Q: Can I use Foxwell NT510 to find which cylinder so I am not replacing one plug at a time to find the bad one? If so, which function could I use?
A: If you have a misfire then your will have a fault code. Fault code are always retrievable until they get deleted. Search for the fault code and it will tell you what cylinder or just google the code and I’m sure the definition will pop up somewhereIf you replaced plugs and you getting misfires then the problem is your coils.
Reporting back: Registering a battery is super easy. It gives you the option to say that you upgraded the Ah rating as well if you are having trouble finding an OEM spec battery. The Maxx ever start H8 I picked up from Walmart (after reading a few threads, that’s what I landed on) did not have an amp hour value. I read that someone just registered it, didn’t do any coding, and was still happy with it after four years so I went with just a registration also. Now, regarding the misfire…. No codes came up. This shudder is only detectable at idle and is somewhat random. It happens after sitting at idle for a few seconds after driving. Generally have to wait longer after stopping at a light if the car is warm.The only code was 2E8D which I’m gonna say was from replacing the battery. Will clear it and see if it pops up again.
Q: Can you reset air bags?
A: I’ve been successful on an E53 and E90.
Q: if it codes battery?
A: it only registers the battery as of current software v7.20 (03-11-2016 update)
Q: Will the NT510 Multi-System Scanner with 1 Free Car Brand Software+OBD Free Shipping By DHL support resetting the adaptation setting for the transfer case after changing the transfer oil on a 2005 BMW X5 (E53) ?
A: NT510 support the function you want.
Active fuel pump on BMW E30 3 Series with Foxwell NT510 scanner 

Q: Can this engage the fuel pump? Need to do this after a fuel filter change to eliminate any air trapped in the fuel lines. Currently have to hook up a power supply directly to the fuel pump to start it.Does it have any specific modules for the N57/M57 diesel engines?
A: Yes
Q: Has anyone received this warning? Can’t get around it, maybe because I have a jb4? Any advice would be helpful.
A: Disconnect your JB4, its probably using a bus that the scanner needs to use.
Q: Foxwell NT510 can code injectors?
A: Yes, just did mine yesterday with it, very easy and intuitive to use as it guides you through the process. It has access to the TCU and TCU parameters yes.
Q: Had a problem coding injectors with NT510 scanner, I’m inputting the two 3 digit codes and either the DME or the tool won’t save the changes.
A: You have to re-enter all 6 digits together no spaces. You cant just do 3 digits. Also the DME separates the 6 digits code for the injector into two 3 digit pairs automatically.
Finally, I think I got it to work. NT510 scanner states the codes are “not ok” and intermittently displays the “correct” numbers after going back to the beginning of the process of coding them multiple times. Might be a little buggy… Interestingly, there is a note in the prompts that says the last digit may be altered/adjusted by the DME. Sure enough. The car seems to run a lot better with the index 12 (7 & 8 came out).
Then I got correct guide: the DME defaults to a low range of the injectors specs by -/+ 1 of the last digit of the set. That is normal. If you want the full range of the injector spec ie closest to the actual numbers displayed on the injector, then you need to offset entry.Example, if you enter 477 and the DME changes it to 476, then enter 478 to target 477. If the DME adjusts to 479 then you will have to go back and enter 477 and 476 will be the highest you can go staying within the injector specs and not exceeding it.
Q: I tried to enter my injector codes yesterday but it told me all my values were incorrect. This is what I tired to put in:1 5742042 5902173 5792264 5792115 5872386 570203

Q: When I tried to save the values, the tool said they were not valid. Any idea what I did wrong?

A: update the software for the tool, then select your device first by VIN, it will load a pre profile. Then go back and select your chassis and model manually. Go to service and try entering the values again. You can also try saving each cylinder entry one at a time. Finally solved.

Foxwell GT80 Next Generation Diagnostic Platform the one you want ?

GT80 is the most professional scan tool of our range and technical supports are required. Distributors must have a strong diagnostic/technical background.
GT80 Has exactly same function as GT80 Plus, the only difference is their appearance and GT80 do not have internal battery, must get power from vehicle OBD.

General Description

GT80 is a Window 8 based universal diagnostic scan tool. It’s coverage includes 58 vehicle brands and it has access to trouble codes, live data stream and bi-dirctional controls on all control modules (ABS, airbags, instrument cluster, etc.). In addition, it has access to the most commonly required service features like brake deactivation, service resets, and transmission adaptations and more.

Language Available:

English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Hungarian and Thai