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How to register and activate Lonsdor JLR IMMO?

Lonsdor JLR IMMO Registration and Activation:

1. Please enter the site:
① Login
User who’ve bound Lonsdor product: input account, password and verification code to login.
User who doesn’t bind Lonsdor product: click【Register】and follow prompt messages to complete registration, then log in.
② Bind device: after login succeed, check system prompts when device boots. Input the device No. & registration code as per the prompts, and set device password. Click 【Submit】to bind device.

2. After bind device successfully, enter the site:
① Click JLR-IMMO button, click【Get activation code】, confirm that device No. shown on the webpage is consistent with actual device No. Click【Submit】to get activation code.
② Input device No. on webpage to the device to activate it.

Which BMW key programmer is best for you?

BMW key lost or need a clone? which BMW key programmerr to use?
When you plan to buy a BMW key programmer online, have you wonder which key programmer do I know? Have you ask yourself or your friends like this “among these BMW key programmer supplied by the seller, which one should I buy”?
In the following parts, I will list some BMW key programmers, and generally tell you their similarities and differences.

1.High technical tool which mainly support Auto diagnose, programming and security maintenance 3 in 1.
2.Support Key Programming for BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3, and Support Key Matching and All key lost for CAS4 /CAS 4+;
3. Support BMW Key Programming with OBD Functions
4. Software response fast, short time programming, and new breakthrough in operation safety and technical support.
5. Supported Languages: English, Chinese
6.  Certification: CCC,CE,GS, CCC,CE,GS,ISO
7. Warranty:1 year
8. Free Update Online on official website, when you receive the device, please download software on official website too.
9. Newly Add BMW FEM/EDC Function for free

AK90 Key Programmer AK90+ For All BMW EWS
Newest AK90 BMW KEY-PROG V3.19 is a safe and effecitive key match tool for BMW EWS system. It covers EWS2.1/EWS2.2/EWS3/EWS3.3/EWS4/EWS4.4,can read all EWS key information from 1995-2005.
Newest version:V3.19

AK90 Functions:
1. Directly reading data dumps from MCU which marked 1D47J , 2D47J , 0D46J ,2L86D without removing MCU from circuit board , easy to do yourself.
2. With the help of software you can renew , lock or unlock keys as well.
3. Programming original chips “EML 10030A” for making keys .
4. Identifying keys for all EWS and CAS , showing VIN , key No. It can change VIN, can change mileage in ews.
BMW CAS AK300 AK300+ V1.5 Key Maker
AK300+ BMW CAS Key Maker (Support in 2002 -2009 years) especially for BMW CAS system key programmer.Support new BMW CAS,CAS2,CAS3,CAS3+. Automatic analysis CAS data,easy to match keys.
AK300 highlights in features and functions:
Language: English, Chinese
Operation System: Windows XP
Car Coverage: BMW 2002 -2009 Year
Firmware Version: 1.16
Software Version: 1.50
Support new BMW CAS,CAS2,CAS3,CAS3+. Automatic analysis CAS data
AK300+ Features:
1 BMW CAS supports a diagnosis of communication directly through the OBD port or through the CAN BUS port security to read and write data EEPROM;
2 automatic analysis CAS data, automatically displays the BMW keys to use quantity; key tooth number; remote control frequency; CAS with the DME synchronization ID; keys scrapped the state, etc.;
3 supports key scrapped or restart using the old key; this technology unmatched global technology;
4 supporting the rehabilitation of CAS computer (due to transfer table is damaged or programming lock);
5 supports the new 2002-2009 BMW CAS; CAS2; CAS3; CAS3+
6 support the horse CAS; CAS 2; CAS 3; CAS 3 + BMW and BMW remote key. E65/E66/E87/E60/E61/E90/E91/E92/E93/E71/E71

HiTag2 V3.1 Programmer
HiTag2 v.3.1 programmer is universal key programmer, with additional options of key programming from dump and PIN extraction. Just insert blank key or appropriate transponder you need to program. Device detects transponder type and will do everything automatically.
Language: English
1.BMW (CAS1/2/3/3 +) at 912/9S12 immo + remote control, editing, KM, VIN, reading data from the key, read / write eeprom of the transponder, reading data from remote
2.AUDI (Kessy) on 93C66 immo + remote, read PIN, edit VIN number and immo
3.VW (Kessy) on 93C86 immo + remote, read PIN, edit VIN number and immo
4.PORSCHE (Kessy) on 93C86 immo + remote, read PIN, edit VIN number and immo
5.BENTLEY (Kessy) on 93C86 immo + remote, read PIN, edit VIN number and immo
6.CHRYSLER (State) on the 95040/95080 immo + remote, read PIN, VIN Edition
7.LAND ROVER (EWSх) to immo 9S12, editing VIN
8.NISSAN (NATS) at 95,080 immo
9.OPEL (CIM) in the 9S12 immo + remote, read PIN, VIN Edition
10.RENAULT (UCH) on 93C66 immo + remote, read PIN, VIN Edition
11.SAAB (CIM) for the 93LC66 immo + pilot edition of the VIN
1. Latest versions of HiTag2 transponders are fully supported.
2. Widest range of supported cars, using HiTag2 protocol.
3. Deep research work, has allowed us to make device, as much as possible correctly adding keys in the car, without damage to its functionality!

2018 New Original Yanhua Mini ACDP Clé Programmeur Master Sans Soudure Pour BMW Séries

Yanhua Mini ACDP Highlights:

Test car NO longer needs engines
YANHUA car keys programming NO longer need soldering iron
Car locksmith NO longer needs soldering work.
The first in the world
Programming no need soldering

Yanhua Mini ACDP Functions

1. Memory programming:
Support 93/24/25/35/95 series EEPROM in circuit (ICP)and on board(OBP)programming and parts of Freescale/ NEC MCU in circuit programming(ICP).

2. BMW module programming:
(1) Support cas1-cas4+and FEM/BDC IMMO key programming, mileage reset, program recovery.
(2)BMW engine ECU data reading and ISN code reading

3. VW module programming. MMC instrument
4. Instrument mileage and airbag ECU reset/maintenance is under development.
5. BENZ. BMW Audi and various models are upgraded successively

Yanhua Mini ACDP IMMO/Mileage Programming

No need to remove chip
No need soldering
No need to cut the line
No need to lift the pin

Install ACDP App from App Store.



Solder-free programming Data safety

WIFI Free connection

1. Overturn the traditional work mode, single operation is changed to team cooperation
2. Change of operation mode, PC operation is changed to mobile phone operation
3. Change of test connection mode, electric soldering iron is changed to no-solder dedicated connector
4. Change from artificial observation to intelligent monitoring Artificial observation / trying is changed to automatic detection algorithm, grap hical in dication the relability of connection.
Ensure the data is not damayed and lost
5. Change of service mode: Offline service is changed to online synchronous service

ICP: Memory and MCU programming In Circuits

Memory and MCU programming In Circuits

MCU programming in Circuits
MCU programming in Circuits

A game changer for BMW Key Programming
1. CAS4/CAS4+ Key Programming Without Soldering or removing component.
2. FEM/BD.C Key Programming without Soldering/Welding
3. Read ISN Code from OBD Port directly(Partially)

BMW CAS-CAS3+ Key Programming by OBD (Buy SK247-1 Module Seperatly):
Add Keys
Reset Mileage
Back up or recover CAS
All keys Lost

BMW CAS4/CAS4+ (Buy SK247-1 Module Seperatly):
Read CAS4 EEPROM without soldering/welding
Add Keys without soldering/welding
Reset Mileage without soldering/welding
Back up or recover CAS without soldering/welding
All keys Lost without soldering/welding

FEM/BDC (Buy SK247-2 Module Seperatly):
All keys lost without soldering/welding
Add keys without soldering/welding
Delete Keys without soldering/welding
Enable/Disable keys without soldering/welding
Read Key ID
Repair/Replace FEM Module without soldering/welding
Reset Mileage without soldering/welding

Read and Write ISN Code (Buy SK247-3 Module Seperatly):
N20(mevd1724, mevd172P, mevd1729), N13(mevd1725, ), N55(mevd172, mevd1726, mevd172G, mevd172S, MEVD17, ), MSV80, MSD81, MSD85, MSD85HY, MSD87, MSV90, MEVD1728(s63), mev1722, med172, mevd1727, dde701_edc17c50, BMSX….

BMW 35080, 35160DO WT Read & Write (Buy SK247-4 Module Seperatly)
Read and write BMW M35080, 35160DO WT etc EEPROM

Fujitsu CPU MB91F Read & Write Module (Buy SK247-5 Module Seperatly)
Supports Honda FIT, Vezel, Fifth generation Hyundai Sonata, Kia K3/K5 etc Fujitsu CPU MB91F series read & write function.


OBDSTAR Free Pin Code Reading for Peugeot/Citroen/DS All Key Lost

Free Pin code reading for Peugeot/Citroen/DS All Key Lost
●ECU model Auto Identity     ●Pin code reading 

Supported list:

SIEMENS D76F0018+95160 K LINE(BSI-E0X-00/BSI-F0X-00)
SIEMENS 1L00M+95128-95256CAN(BSI-S0X-00)
CONTINENTAL SC667050+95256 CAN(BSI-Q0X-00)
JC easyCAN4+29LV400BB+95128 CAN (BSI2004-H0X)
JC easyCAN4F1M-32+95128 CAN (BSI04EV-K0X)
JC SPC560B60+95128 CAN (BSI04EV2-KEX)
VALEO 2M48H+24C128 CAN (BSIEV-X0X-00)
VALEO 4L00M+95128-25128CAN(BSI2004-P0X-00)
VALEO SC667152+95256 CAN (BSI-N0X)

obdstar all key lost read 1
obdstar all key lost read 2
all key lost read 3

VPECKER E4 Tablet Upgrade and Installation

VPECKER E4 Tablet Upgrade and Installation
VPECKER E4 Tablet Upgrade and Installation Steps:
1, Please click Settings-OS Version in the main interface of VPECKER E4.

2, Please click .vpecker-easydiag-installation-step-5


Please wait for the upgrade package to download. After downloaded, the tablet will
automatically starts VPECKER E4 installation interface, please follow the guide to
3, Please click “Install”.



Note: After installation, please log in IDUTEX Store to re-download all car software.

VVDI PROG dernière version du logiciel V4.6.7 mise à jour

VVDI PROG dernière version du logiciel V4.6.7 mise à jour

V4.6.7 (2018-01-27)
* This version DON’t need update firmware
* Fix some bugs
+ Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.6.7 version in Doc folder
* ESW3 change Read/Write mode
+ Add 25LC010, 25LC020, 25LC040, 25LC080, 25LC160, 25LC320, 25LC640, 25LC128, 25LC256, 25LC512 options in <1-EEPROM&FLASH>-><MICROCHIP>
+ Add TC97010(CLIP) option in <1-EEPROM&FLASH>-><TOSHIBA(CLIP)>
+ Add MB91F060, MB91F062, MB91F067, MB91F575, MB91F577, MB91F578C, MB91F579C, MB91F591B, MB91F592B, MB91F594B, MB91F596B, MB91F597B,
MB91F599B, MB91F59AC, MB91F59BC options in <2-MCU>-><FYJITSU-MB91F>
+ Add MC68HC05E6 option in <2-MCU>-><MOTOROLA-MC68HC(7)05>
+ Add W203(AM29F400BB) option in <3-ECU>-><BENZ>
+ Add ME7 option in <3-ECU>-><BOSCH>
+ Add IAW 4AC.A4 option in <3-ECU>-><MAGNETI-MARELLI>
+ Add EPICA_BCM(–2009), SAIL_IMMOBOX(–2009) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><CHEVROLET> (Support read PASSWORD)
+ Add IX35(2015)(MC9S12XD256) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><HYUNDAI>
+ Add OPEL_IMMOBOX(–2009) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><OPEL> (Support read PASSWORD)
+ Add JETTA_IMMOBOX(–2008) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><VOLKSWAGEN> (Support read PASSWORD)
+ LINGZHI_M5(2016)(MC9S12HY64) option in <5-DASHBOARD>-><DONGFENG>
+ VERNA(D70F3421) option in <5-DASHBOARD>-><HYUNDAI>
+ TIGGO5(MB91F594BS) option in <5-DASHBOARD>-><CHERY>
+ PRIDE option in <7-AIRBAG>-><OTHERS>

Software Download Link!6pZDxYza!JtyvGWXT5dhU2hVsZ9kNEjPqZaIY6Q0SfNkQO6MM4KA

Creator C508 OBDII/EOBD Multi-System Scanner for FIAT/Alfa/Abrath/Lancia Airbag/ABS Scan Tool

Creator C508 FIAT OBDII/EOBD Multi-System Scanner
Top 5 Reasons to get Creator C508:

1. Multi-system scan for FIAT / ALFA / ABARTH / LANCIA enable you to read and clear diagnostic diagnoses of your vehicle’s main systems such as ORC airbags / belts, ABS anti-lock brakes, engine and transmission modules
2. Software support upgrade online, lifetime for free.
3. Easy to use by simply plug it into the vehicle OBDII port and device will boot in accordance with the step-to-step instructions.
4. Large 2.8inch color display LCD screen, user-friendly interface.
5. Full OBDII Function allows you to scan engine readings and associated trouble codes (check engine indicator) on any model / model.

Creator C508 Functions Include:

Read Trouble Codes, Clear Trouble Codes,Ecu Information, Live data and graph display
The year between 2007 to 2016

Creator C508 Supports models:

FQ-Fiorino Qubo
PE-Punto EVO
BF-Fiat 500L

Creator C508 System Coverage:

PCM — Powertrain Control Module
ECM — Engine Control Module
TCM — Transmission Control Module
XCM — Transfer Case Module
SLA — Shift Lever Sensor Assembly
ESM — Electronic Shifter
FDCM — Final Drive Control/All Wheel Drive
ACC — Adaptive Cruise Control
CGW — Central Gateway
ORC — AirBag/Occupant Restraint
MIC/CCN — Mechanical Instrument Cluster
HVAC — Heat, Ventilation and A/C
PLGM — Power Liftgate Module
APM — Adjustable Pedal Module
ATC — Automatic Temp Control
MTC — Manual Temp Control
CHM — Cabin Heater Module
BCH — Booster Cabin Heater Module (ZHZ)
ACH — Auxiliary Cabin Heater (STH)
MSM — Memory Seat/Memory Heated Seat
OCM — Occupant Classification
SCM — Steering Column
RSA — Right Side Airbag
LSA — Left Side Airbag
BCM — Body Controller
ASBS — Automatic Sway Bar System
FSM — Fold Stow Module
WCM/TPMS — Wireless Control
PSM — Universal/Special ECU
TM — Trailer
SUNR — Sunroof
PTIM — Police/Taxi Interface Module
HIDT — High Intensity Discharge Translator
AHLM — Headlamp Leveling
AHBM — Automatic High Beam
RCM — Roof Control Module
AEHM — Auxiliary Electrical Heating Module
PTS — Parktronics
EOM — Electronic Overhead
ITM — Intrusion Transceiver Module
PTCM — Power Top Control Module
IPM — Integrated Power Module
SRM — Airbag On/Off Switch
TRV — Traveller
VTS — Vehicle Theft Security
CMT/VIC — Overhead Console
PAM — Park Assist Module
RSM — Rain Sensor Module
TPM — Tire Pressure Monitor
SAS — Steering Angle Sensor
ABS — Anti Lock Brakes
ESP — Electronic Stability Program
SBM — Center Console / Switch Bank Module
AUD — Audio Systems(Radio,CD,DVD,Nav)
CDC — CD Changer
DVD — DVD Changer
RADIO — Radio
SDARV — Satellite Video Receiver
SDAR — Satellite Radio
DAA — Digital Audio Amplifier
AMP — Amplifier
SAR — Satellite Audio Receiver
NAV — Navigation System
HFM — Hands Free Module
VES — Vehicle Entertainment System
VES2 — Second Row Screen
VES3 — Last Row Screen
DISP — Front Display
DMFR — Door Module Front Right
DMFL — Door Module Front Left
DMRL — Rear Door Module (Left)
DMRR — Rear Door Module (Right)
PSDMR — Power Sliding Doors (Right)
PSDML — Power Sliding Doors (Left)
DDM — Driver Door Module
PDM — Passenger Door Module
MUX — Door Mux
IC — Instrument Cluster
HSM — Heated Seat Module
ECM — Engine Control Module
BPCM — Battery Pack Control Module
BSM — Blind Spot Module
DTCM — Drive Train Control Module
EAC — Electric A/C Compressor
EBG — Electronic Booster Gauge
EPS — Electric Power Steering
HCP — Hybrid Control Processor
HGM — Hybrid Gateway Module
ITBM — Integrated Trailer Brake Module
MCPA — Motor Control Processor A
MCPB — Motor Control Processor B
PEM — Passive Entry Module
ADCM — Active Damping Control Module
AFLS — Adaptive Front Lighting System
ASCM — Air Suspension Control Module
BTM — Battery Thermal Module
DCU — Dosing Control Unit
DRM — Data Recorder Module
ELSD — Electronic Limited Slip Differential
EPPM — Electronic Pedestrian Protection Module
ICS — Integrated Center Stack
IPC — Instrument Panel Cluster
OBCM — On Board Charging Module
PHGM — Plug In Hybrid Gateway Module
RFH — Radio Frequency Hub
SCCM — Steering Column Control Module
TGW — Telematic Gateway Radio
VSIM — Vehicle System Interface Module
AHM — Additional Heater Module
CSWM — Comfort Seat Wheel Module
CTM — Convergence Telematic Module
EPB — Electrical Parking Brake
ESL — Electronic Steering Lock
ETM — Entertainment Telematic Module
FFCM — Forward Facing Camera Module
HVACR — Heat, Ventilation and A/C Rear
LBSS — Left Blind Spot Sensor
PTU — Power Transfer Unit
RBSS — Right Blind Spot Sensor
RDM — Rear Drive Module
VGT — Variable Geometry Turbo
VTM — Vehicle Tracking Module
EDM — External Disc Module
CMM — Instrument Panel Cluster
DSTM — On Board Charging Module
MSMD — Plug In Hybrid Gateway Module
PSTM — Radio Frequency Hub
RMN — Steering Column Control Module
TBM — Telematic Gateway Radio
TRM — Vehicle System Interface Module
AAML — Active Aerodynamic Module Left
AAMR — Active Aerodynamic Module Right
CDCM — Chassis Domain Control Module
CSWM — Comfort Seat Wheel Module
DMM — Door Management Module
ECM2 — Engine Control Module 2
EMCM — Entertainment Multimedia Control Module
FFCM — Forward Facing Camera Module
HALF — Haptical Lane Feedback
RRM — Radio Receiver Module
TMM — Track Mapping Module
TTM — Trailer tow module
TVM — Torque Vectoring Module

Creator C508 Specifications:

A) Display: Color, 320 x 240 pixel display with contrast adjustment
B) Operation Temperature: – 20 ℃ — 75 ℃
C) Storage Temperature: -40 ℃ — 120 ℃
D) Power: 8V — 24V

Package includes:

1pc x Creator C508 FIAT Machine
1pc x User’s Manual

Français Version 2018 Latest Ford VCM IDS V108.01 Full Software Support Multi-languages WIN XP/7 32 64Bits

Ford IDS V108.01 Full Software for Ford VCM II Support Online Programming Update to 2018

Ford IDS V108.01 Features

1. Latest version: V108.01

2.Multi-Language: Français, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and so on.

3.OS: Working 100% windows XP/ WIN7 32 64 Bits

4.Compatible with all Ford VCM VCM II or VXDIAG NANO Ford IDS sale in the market.

5. Support Online programming, but youself must have online account, we do not provide this account

6. No need shipping, after you pay, contact us for remote help to install and activate it.

Ford IDS v108.01 function:

1.V108.01 IDS also have the ability to download the very latest calibration/softwawre files from ford’s server if you have an internet connection available at the time of connecting to vehicles
2.Reading and decoding fault codes
3.Deleting fault codes
4.Display System current parameters in digital form
5.Combined displaying of data
6.Logs Keeping: wirting and keeping of digital parameters in memory
7.Special functions: changing of permissible seeting of blocks, programming etc.

Q: Whether it can work with Ford VCM 1 Clone?
A: Yes, it can work with Ford VCM 1 clone

Q: Is this vmware or native
A: This is native, install on new and clean windows 7

Q: Do you provide software cd and download link?
A: No, there is no software cd and download link, after your payment, contact our customer service on live chat, we will help you install and activate the software directly via teamviwer.

Mercedes Benz EZS EIS ELV ESL Dash Gateway Full Testing Device with OBD W210 W211 W212 W220 W221 W164 W166 W203 W204 W207 W906 W639

Mercedes Benz EZS EIS ELV ESL Dash Gateway Full Testing Device with OBD W210 W211 W212 W220 W221 W164 W166 W203 W204 W207 W906 W639


New device designed for on-bench testing of EZS (EIS), ESL (ELV).

Comes with ESL Emulator inside, has automatically mode switching – read ESL using and Emulation mode. You can test both old (Motorola based EZS) and new (NEC based) units without the car – just connect them with special set of cables.

Could be purchased in place of old devices: EIS cables set, ESL emulator, W164/166/203/204/207/210/211/212/220/221/639/906 testing cables.

VVDI2 latest software version V5.2.1 update

VVDI2 latest software version V5.2.1 update
************************************************* *********************
*** 2018-01-23
*** Require firmware V5.2.0
************************************************* *********************
===== VAG V5.2.1 =====
1. Bugfix for access some MQB(Continental/VDO) instrument
2. Improvement for prepare MQB dealer key: Now we support all original blank key or MQB key made by VVDI
3. Improement for MQB key learning
4. Improvement for autodetct in IMMO4 system
5. Bugfix for spanish language
6. Bugfix
===== BMW V5.2.1 =====
1. Bugfix for spanish language
2. Bugfix
===== Porsche V5.2.1 =====
1. Bugfix for spanish language
2. Bugfix
===== PSA V5.2.1 =====
1. Bugfix for spanish language
2. Bugfix
===== Transponder Programmer V5.2.1 =====
1. Bugfix for spanish language
2. Bugfix
===== J2534 V5.2.1 =====
1. Bugfix for spanish language
2. Bugfix
===== Online Upate Tool V5.2.1 =====
1. Bugfix for spanish language
2. Bugfix
===== Quick Start V5.2.1 =====
1. Bugfix